Pillar IV: Digital Enterprise

A city’s digital strategy has a broad mandate that impacts citizens, businesses, employees and government. Therefore, it is important to identify a dedicated cross-department digital services team, assign accountabilities and responsibilities for key digital initiatives and identify digital skills training needed for staff.

The Pune Smart city Development Corporation (PSCDCL) aims to incorporate all these steps by providing the digital platform to city administration for effective service delivery to its citizens and to optimally manage its operations centrally through Smart City Operations Centre.

The Operation Centre encompasses layers like:

  • Sensor layer
  • Communication layer
  • Smart city Platform layer
  • City operation Control layer
  • Service Delivery layer

The smart city operation center will focus on integration of various systems under projects like traffic, safety, environment, utilities, solid waste, water supply, civic operations, Disaster management and transport. It will address challenges like decision making in silos, redundancy of infrastructure and man efforts and fragmented approach in system implementation. It will improve governance, operational effectiveness, organizational productivity and quality of life of citizens in the long run.

To implement such a robust system, there should also be organizational digital maturity. Therefore, along with working towards an enterprise portal, it is also important to develop the city’s digital workforce and make government employees digitally empowered. Only then, the whole idea of digital organization can be achieved.

The smart city operations Centre enables the government to plan for the entire city because the entire city can be accessed through one platform. It also helps in making data-centric decisions and an overall assessment of the city’s digital strategy.

This is basically a decision support system that helps the government in taking business and administration decisions easily and more effectively. A decision support system may present information graphically. To analyze the information, there is a need to implement artificial intelligence. By installing artificial intelligence in the decision support system for the government, it will help in effectively making complex policy decisions.
Another aspect of smart city operations is traffic management through video analytics. Currently, the traffic management centre stores hundreds of video feeds. The need of the hour is to install Advanced Traffic Management software through video analytics to have proactive traffic management. This will improve incident detection and responses time and automate

Understand Digital Enterprise Projects through Case Studies

Digital Strategy Points: