Pillar III: Digital Engagement and Communication

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has a dedicated social media cell to drive citizen engagement through digital channels and expanding its reach. Through digital engagement, it helps PMC to transform public perception, improvement in service and customer experience and gain citizen’s trust through transparency.

Key Advantages of GCCP :

  • Engagement
  • Better public service delivery
  • Effective Ness
  • Innovation
  • Transparence
  • Effective risk management

The plan of action for PMC includes reaching out to influencers and tagging celebrities associated with PMC initiatives to get more exposure and outreach. Engaging celebrities is a way to piggyback on their popularity and divert some traffic towards PMC website. It will also encourage citizens towards downloading the PMC care app.

Along with engaging celebrities, there are other formal channels such as Facebook advertising and Google ad words that can be used. Search engine optimization is a great way to feature in the top searches by users and helps in more engagement.

To have more collaboration, the need of the hour is to build a Government Citizen Collaboration platform (GCCP) for Pune city. GCCP is an integrated internet based platform that enables citizens across geographies to participate in the governance process and contribute to the democratic process of ideation, feedback and engagement in policy formulation and execution.

GCCP is unique in the sense that it is a one-stop shop for all citizen interaction with the Government transforming the governance landscape in today’s world. GCCP does thorough user profiling, and makes decisions based on Sentiment, causal, contextual, and quantitative analytics. It also provides a mobile app for easy access.

It is important to consider the aspect of digital literacy here. Transformation in a city happens when each citizen leads the way to progress. Hence, the digital literacy level of the citizens of Pune is a critical aspect here and will ensure the success of the projects under this pillar.

Understand Digital Engagement and Communication Projects through Case Studies

Digital Strategy Points: