Pillar II: Digital Services & Payments

This pillar will lay emphasis on providing administrative services through digital channels like online and mobile in a unified format, simplification of services to avoid touch points and transforming the way the payment are collected to provide the citizens a more convenient, robust, interactive and user friendly platform.

The Strategy will address the current challenges faced by PMC:

  • Lack of awareness regarding online payment options
  • Complexity of services with multiple touch points

Benefits for PMC:

  1. Time Efficiency – timely delivery of services to citizens due to reduction in the manual interventions
  2. Increased Transparency – direct benefit transfer to beneficiaries account without middlemen involvement
  3. Cost Effectiveness – Opportunity cost savings resulting from reduction in settlement timelines
  4. Operational Efficiencies – Reduction in queues at PMC locations

Benefits for Citizens:

  • Seamless Experience – uniform customer experience through various departments and different channels
  • Cost - Effectiveness – No additional travel cost for customers due to availability of online channels
  • Ease of Access – accessible at multiple physical and online locations convenient to Pune citizens

Understand Digital Services and Payment Projects through Case Studies

Digital Strategy Points: