Solid Waste Management Department

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In order to promote cleanliness in their respective areas, PMC encourages healthy competition among various prabhags and has initiated city wide prabhag (electoral ward) level survey on various parameters to measure the cleanliness at the prabhag level. The Swachh Sarvekshanis based on nine indicators about Solid waste management and sanitation to measure the cleanliness levels in each prabhag.  The aim is to improve segregation at source, establish a door to door collection system, and promote user fee based service and to provide access to sanitation for all.

To authenticate the collected information a Third-Party Audit Committee has been established. Based on the Audit report any discrepancies are resolved through discussions with the Prabhag level teams. The data thus verified is used for preparing the score cards for each individual Prabhag. The scores are on a range of 1 to 5, one being the least, representing the danger zone indicated in red and five being the best, indicated in dark green colour. Based on the prabhag scores, ward level and city level score cards are also generated.

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