Road Map

Pune city is setting a precedence in this country in smart governance with its various projects. As the projects include integration and active collaboration between different departments it becomes a necessity to clearly identify all the stakeholders for a project. To enhance effectiveness of the digital infrastructure the PMC has identified the following stakeholders: citizens, PSCDCL, GoM, GoI, Vendors and the various departments under PMC.

Below is a snap shot of the involved stakeholders:

For formulating implementation and execution strategy a steering committee has been set up. To include the citizens in the process a feedback channel via PMC Care has been established. Below the details about the steering committee and PMC Care has been showcased. To educate and recognize good practices special capacity building programs and incentives have been started.



Digital Literacy Centre has been constructed at Ghole Road Ward Office where employees can be trained as a part of capacity building initiative at PMC.

The Training Goals are:

  • To communicate the objectives of project and change in the role of employees
  • To develop IT skills, relationship building and collaborative skills amongst the employees for implementation of Smart Governance
  • To create ownership amongst the employees for driving the change
  • To spread awareness about new technologies @ PMC – GIS, BBPS and Payment Aggregator
  • To give inter - departmental training as there are often inter department transfers
  • To provide Complaint portal Training
  • To provide training on Mobile application

To Provide IT Training Level - 1

  • To provide this training the digital center was equipped with 25 computer system, projector and white board facility provided
  • Over 1500 of training hours on basic IT skills was delivered to PMC employees at this center. Capacity building has turned out to be a successful initiative providing empowering the officials to use the new technology solutions
  • Training has also been provided to teachers from PMC schools which makes them proficient in upcoming digital style of teaching

PMC Care is one of the flagship initiative by Pune Municipal Corporation as a part of citizen assistance, response and engagement. Under the same umbrella multiple platforms have been created for citizen to reach out to PMC with minimum efforts and maximum impact.

To further strengthen the same initiative and boost morale of PMC employees working towards providing best services to Punekars PMC had organized a small award ceremony. PMC provided certificates to officers for their achievements bases on citizen feedback. All the valuable feedbacks which citizens provide for every complaint resolved is recorded and evaluated to score the employees for their performances. Based on the ratings obtained for closed complaints in the month of January, three PMC officers, one ward and one department were awarded as the best performers.