General body approves cycle plan

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), as part of its transport vision, as outlined in the Comprehensive Mobility Plan 2008 and detailed in the Pune Bicycle Plan 2017, as well as the requirement stipulated by the Government of India and the Government of Maharashtra with regards to the Metro Rail Project namely,

  • To accord high priority for integration of various modes of transport including non-motorized modes, which would act as feeder/evacuation system to the Pune Metro
  • Develop a Public Cycle System
  • Facilitate multimodal integration including suburban railways
  • Ensure that Metro Rail Project provides for first and last mile connectivity and accessibility

is committed to improving the modal share of cycling in the city by making cycling safe, comfortable, convenient and connected. Worldwide Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) systems play an important role in enhancing cyclability in a city by making cycles available when and where needed. They can help to cater to short, one-way and last mile connectivity trips. The Pune Municipal Corporation, through this policy states its support for PBS systems. PBS systems may be

  • Fully supported and run by the city
  • Run privately without any financial support of the city
  • Run privately with some aid (financial or otherwise) by the city

The PMC will explore the possibility of all of the above, based on market availability and keeping in mind the needs of commuters. The aim is to ensure that a PBS system serves the entire city, with a good quality of service at affordable rates and which is accessible to all segments of society.

The documents of Pune Cycle Plan (PBS) are as follows :