Pune Pattern of ladies toilets

A Public Interest Litigation in the year 2011 was filed by an organisation ‘Milun Saryajani ‘against PMC in the Hon. High Court at Mumbai. The High Court had issued a writ mandamus or writ in the nature of mandamus or any other appropriate writ direction and order under article   226 of the constitution of India, 1950, directing the PMC to take necessary steps for providing adequate and proper toilet  & urinal facility to women.

PMC developed a comprehensive plan for providing ladies toilets & urinals in public places. Strategies and actions planned under this were - 

  • Construction of additional toilet and urinal facilities especially for women,
  • Conversion of male sanitation facilities into female sanitation facilities as per requirement and applicability
  • Capacity building of PMC staff and caretakers for proper maintenance of these facilities
  • The arrangement made for regular maintenance and cleanliness of the facilities to be provided by the Municipal Corporation.
  • Provision of ‘Separate facility for women’ in public places, schools, colleges, and workplaces compulsorily
  • Relevant Building Bye-laws and Development control rules were to be formulated and implemented
  • Encouragement of pay and use category of public convenience with community involvement in the maintenance of the same

PMC has made separate provisions for women’s toilets & urinals. This model is known as Pune pattern of Ladies Toilets & in the last 4 years around 700 seats have been built at various public places with the appropriate model.