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Water Supply Department has a total of 1155 Staff which includes 76 Engineers up to Class IV, 30 clerical staff and other workers such as walvemen, watchmen, plumbers, fitters, mistri, pump operators, electricians supervisors and other repair works staff. For the purposes of effective work of Sub Divisions Offices headed by the Executive Engineer, offices are located at six location across the city. Water Supply distribution, maintenance and repair works of the water supply infrastructure is carried out through these zonal offices. Water Supply Department is responsible for providing water througout Pune City, and our services include:

  • Issue of new licenses & renewal of existing licenses for plumbers
  • Providing water tankers in the deficient area and where any complaints are received about quality/quantity of water supplied through pipeline
  • Maintenance of all the water works, water treatment plant, valves, transmission pipelines and distribution pipelines is done either departmentally or by appointing private Contractors
  • Installation of water meters on private properties, and water bill generation, bill collection
  • Maintenance of Water Supply Line and resolving of customers/citizen complaints regarding Water Supply
  • Maintaining of  water quality across the board
  • Leakage repairs leading to well regulated water Supply
  • Daily/regular water supply to citizens, and the laying of water supply lines
  • Maintaining and preserving of activities records