Ongoing Projects - Water Supply


Bhama Askhed Water Supply Scheme for eastern part of Pune City :

The scheme is designed for water supply of 200 MLD. This will cover 58 area of eastern part of Pune city along the Nagar road for projected population of 14.50 lac up to year 2041.

This project is sanctioned under JNNURM scheme of Govt. of India vide sanction letter no. K14012/2(123)/2006-NURM-III dated 5th July 2013 amounting to Rs. 380.16 Crores. The funding from details are as follows:

Govt. of India                     50%                Rs. 190.08 Cr.

Govt. of Maharashtra          20%                Rs. 76.03 Cr.

PMC                                 30%                 Rs. 114.051 Cr.  

                                                     Total = Rs. 380.16 Cr.

Up till now the 2 instalments are received from GOI & GOM as mentioned below. The proposal for release of 3rd installment is send to the Govt. of India.

  1. Govt. of India (GOI) -                               Rs. 76.03 Cr.
  2. Govt. of Maharashtra (GOM) -                  Rs. 30.40 Cr.

                                                            Total = Rs. 106.43 Cr.

Bhama Askhed Water Supply Scheme is divided in 6 Package as below :

Package No.                                 Name                                               Estimated Cost

       I          -           Const. of Jackwell & pump house.                               Rs. 54.89 Cr.

       II         -           Providing & laying raw water M.S. pipe line.                 Rs. 127.44 Cr.

       III       -           Const. of water Treatment plant at Kuruli.                      Rs. 58.68 Cr.

       IV       -           Providing & laying pure water M.S. pipeline.                  Rs. 70.77 Cr.

       V         -           Providing & laying feeder main pipe line.                      Rs. 55.08 Cr.

       VI       -           Const. of 7 Nos. of ESR of 2 ML capacity each.            Rs.12.69 Cr.

The up to date expenditure is Rs. 172.00 Cr. The work was stopped by local MLA & farmers for their various demands from Oct, 2015. These demands are concerned with Govt. of Maharashtra. After the meeting with Hon. Chief Minister (Govt. of Maharashtra) on 13 / 05 / 2016 and continuous follow up with the State Govt Departments and officials, most of the demands are complied and the work was restarted from June, 2016. The work of raw water rising pipe line (8 KM) from Bhama Askhed Dam to BPT at Bhamboli is still stopped by Local MLA.

The targets to complete the work by 31 July, 2017 are given to all contractors. Weekly project review meetings are arranged with the contractors for completion of work within time limits.


Nature of Work:

There exists a water purification plant with a capacity of 535 million litres per day at Parvati, Sr. No. 121 and 122. From the said water purification plant, water is predominantly supplied to the centralized area of Pune city and vicinity of S.N.D.T. and Chaturshringi areas. The water purification plant in the Cantonment with a capacity of 360 million litres per day is about 125 years old and the life of the old tanks have mostly come to an end and hence, it is of utmost importance that the said water purification plant be rebuilt. This water purification plant is within the limits of the Cantonment and there is no place available next to the existing water purification plant to build a new water purification plant, and there is no possibility of getting any land in the Cantonment area. Hence, an alternative arrangement needs to be looked upon.

Quotations have been invited for an amount of Rs. 17,906 lakhs (approved project cost + repairs and maintenance cost) for the construction of a water purification plant with a capacity of 500 million litres per day, construction of a clear water pumping station and recycling plant next to the existing water purification plant in Parvati, Pune, to make a plan for all this work, to construct, to test-run it, to operationalize it successfully, and to run it with repairs and maintenance for the next 5 years. From among the quotations  received, the quotation of contractor, M/s. Degrimont Ltd., who submitted the lowest of all quotations, of an amount of Rs. 1,61,10,00,000/-, has been approved as per R. No. 2103 dated 13/1/14 of the Hon. Standing Committee. Accordingly, an work order as per Outward No. 2017, dated 07.02.14 has been given to the contractor, M/s. Degrimont Ltd. The duration for the said work is 30 months plus 5 years for repairs and maintenance.

Proposed scheme of the new project and benefits from the Project : 

It has been planned to construct a new water purification plant of a capacity of 500 million litres per day at Parvati by demolishing the existing water purificatio plant of a capacity of 360 million litres per day at Cantonment. The existing water purification plant at Parvati  is nearly 40 years old and as some parts of it needs repairs on a large scale, it has been planned that if Step / Stage no. 1 from the said plant is demolished, the remaining 200 MLD capacity can be used as an alternative source for this part. While the old water purification plant with the capacity of 360 million litres per day situated in Cantonment is being completely demolished and rebuilt, it is possible to supply water from the proposed water purification plant.

For the said water station, a provision of taking water from the raw water, with a diameter of 2,500 mm, that has been laid from Khadakwasla dam up to the Parvati water station and also from a line of 1500 mm diameter from the raw water of Parvati water station has been made. M/s. Shah Technical Consultants are working as technical consultants for the said work.

The main units within the Project :

It includes construction of the said proposed water purification plant of a capacity of 500 million litres per day, to build a pure water sump well, to construct a recycling plant etc.

Most of the unit work from the said water purification plant has been initiated; out of which, more than 70% of the work of the units of filter bed, pulsar tube, annex building, sub station, pure water sump well, wash water recovery tank, sludge thickener has been completed. After the hutments on the said area were removed on 22/03/2016 by the Regional Office, possession of the said area was taken up and immediately the work regarding the units of the water station at the said area has been started. Also, by the end of August 2016, an amount of Rs.101 crores has been spent.

  • Capacity : 500 million litres per day
  • Pre-calculated / Estimation Sheet Amount : Amount of Rs. 17906 lakhs
  • Tender Amount : Amount of Rs. 1,61,10,00,000
  • Contractor : M’S Degrimont Ltd.
  • Word Order : Outward No. 2017, dated 07.02.14


Constructing a Jackwell Pump House behind the Khadakwasla Dam and laying a pressure duct / pipeline between Khadakwasla Dam and Parvati Water Station.

  • Capacity : 1000 million litres
  • Area: Approximate : 13.00 km
  • Pre-calculation / Estimation sheet Amount :  Amount of Rs. 233.88 crores
  • Tender Amount : Amount of Rs. 204.24 crores

Proposed scheme of the new project and benefits from the Project :

  • Water is supplied to Pune city through the Khadakwasla dam.
  • As it is necessary to keep providing continuous water supply to Pune city, it has become impossible to repair the canals running from the Khadakwasla dam
  • This leads to leakages from the canal on a large scale. At the same time, as the population on both sides of the canals is increasing, water from the canal gets contaminated due to things such as throwing garbage, washing clothes etc in the open canal
  • Due to this, the cost of water processing is increasing. Taking into consideration the above facts, the facility of providing separate closed taps for Pune city was undertaken
  • In the past, an iron-casted pipeline with a diameter of 3000 m.m. was laid between Khadakwasla dam and Parvati Water Station. However, as city’s water demand has increased, it has become necessary to uplift water from the canal
  • Taking into consideration the water demand for the year 2050, a pipeline has been laid on the aforesaid work

Nature of Work:

  • A Jackwell Pump House of the size of 60 m x 23 m has been constructed behind the Khadakwasla dam and 08 pumps with the capacity of 125 million litres per day have been installed in the said pump house.  
  • Aforesaid project has been completed within a period of two years, for which an approximate amount of Rs. 200 crore has been spent.    
  • Upon implementation of this project, it will be possible to save 1.00 TMC of water being wasted through the open canal in the form of leakage, and water supply of Pune city will not be dependent on the canal. 
  • In addition to this, the cost of processing the water will also be reduced. Under this project, a flow meter has been installed, on the pressure duct / pipeline of the diameter of 2500 mm, to measure water.
  • Also across the total 13.00 km length, 3 valves of a diameter of 2500 mm have been installed. The said water pipeline has been applied cement lining from inside.