HOD note

Pune evolved from being a pensioner’s paradise to one of the key IT hubs in the country in the last ten years, and we at Pune Municipal Corporation intend to match that evolution step for step. The new PMC website is an effort to bridge that gap and make progress more hi-tech. And for this very reason, we have brought in the “smart” governance system.

"SMART Governance" in simple words, is the future of public services. It is about achieving greater efficiency, community leadership, mobile working and continuous & progressive innovation. Technology is the greatest enabler, and we are certain that it will play a crucial role in converting Pune's Smart city vision through smart Governance Model, into a reality.

Through the new PMC portal, we intend to share information efficiently and responsibly to create a two-way communication with our stakeholders. We also intend to incorporate newer technology wherever possible to match and create international standards of governance. In short, we wish to create an open platform for our citizens to communicate and participate in all developmental activities.

We are also developed PMC’s “Pune Connect” app to bring about a technological transformation in the execution of day to day functioning of PMC. The app functions as a single window support system of all networks and assets through a smart and flexible working system.

We intend to provide technical and non-technical support, equip ped with latest technology and SMS based alerts and notifications. This will also help us capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and present all types of spatial and geographical data. The Mother GIS map will be integrated with all databases of property tax, city development plan, water connection, garbage, etc.

This is a huge step we are taking into the future, and I hope we can all come together as one and make this vision a reality

Rahul Jagtap
Head of Department
Information Technology
Pune Municipal Corporation