The Fire Department of the City of Pune comprises of highly skilled firefighters and emergency response teams. The Department's main goal is to provide fire protection and other critical public safety services to residents and visitors in every nook and corner of Pune city. The Department also works towards continually educating the public in fire, life safety and disaster management in the event of a fire.

Since its inception, the PMC’s fire department has continually ensured that the city is safe even after its transformation from a quaint pensioner’s paradise to one of the largest IT hubs in the country. This accomplishment requires a steadfast and consistent commitment to upholding the Department's core values which are to serve and protect life and property. The department also works in tandem with other government agencies in the event of floods or terrorist attacks and other special emergencies as set out by Statutory Order.

The Department updates and upgrades itself to keep pace with the ever changing infrastructure of this city and seeks to improve its urban organizational infrastructure to ensure effective and timely response each time, every time. The department works in a secure manner and reports every unsafe activity and conditions to PMC. The department follows national safety policies & practices and adheres to responsibilities concerning safety prevention, reporting and monitoring as laid down in the National Safety Handbook. 

Our department caries out a broad spectrum of responsibilities and statutory duties. A few of those are mentioned below –

Promote Fire Safety

  • Fight fires and protect people and property from fires
  • Rescue people from Road Traffic Accidents
  • Deal with other specific emergencies, such as flooding or terrorist attack which are set out by Statutory Order. Also, all Fire and Rescue authorities will be able to do other things to respond to the particular needs of their communities and the risks they face
  • Government / Semi - Government institutes, schools colleges, shopping malls, five star hotels and industrial estates arrange mock drills from time to time. Fire brigade participates in mock drills, gives guidance and imparts training to the participants with regard to the use of fire equipment and what measures to be adopted in emergency situations

Fire Safety Week

Fire brigade is ever ready to protect the lives and property of the people from fire incidents. Many officers and servants lost their lives while extinguishing the terrible fire which took place in Mumbai dockyard on 14th  April 1944.Fire brigade day is observed on 14th April every year by offering homage to the departed souls. The days between 14th to 20th April are observed as “A Fire Safety Week”. A tribute is payed to the martyers, and various rallies, mock drills, health camps and public awareness lectures are conducted. The servants of fire brigade are honoured with special medals and prizes for their selfless service towards the citizens.

The Role of Fire Brigade in Disaster Management

At the outset, there is no role to the fire brigade except fire extinction and fire control and security. The citizens are inclined to take help due to availability of modern equipment with fire brigade in calamities other than fire. The following are glaring examples:

  • Cyclone conditions
  • Rescuing the victims in severe accidents
  • Helping earthquake affected people
  • Saving drowning people during Ganesh immersion
  • Helping people on crowded streets during tree falling incidents

Pune fire brigade takes pride in catching almost all types of snakes very cautiously and rehabilitating them in Katraj Snake Park. Moreover, thousands of birds and animals such as dogs, cats, crows, squirrels, and sparrows have been rescued carefully from the dangerous situations. Pune fire brigade is ever ready to help people in natural calamities such as flood and earthquake so that the citizens feel secure.

Pune fire brigade engages themselves day to day rescue operations. A few examples are as follows:

  • Rescued two people who fell in the chemical tank located at a chemical factory.
  • Rescued the workers trapped in a multi-strayed building.
  • A lift operator whose leg was trapped in mechanized parking lift of a Multi-storied building belonging to Municipal Corporation was skillfully rescued.
  • Little children trapped in the bore wells were promptly rescued.

Department Information

HOD's Note
Key contact


HOD Name: Shri. Prashant Ranpise

Designation: Chief Fire Officer

E-Mail id: prashant.ranpise@punecorporation.org

Mobile No: +91 9689931991

IT Nodal Officer

IT Nodal Officer Name: Shri. Pramod Sonawane

Designation: Station Duty Officer

E-Mail id:

Mobile No: +91 9689930121

IT Nodal Officer

IT Nodal Officer Name: Shri. Prabhakar Umratkar

Designation: Station Duty Officer

E-Mail id:

Mobile No: +91 9689930082

Department Information

Department Address: Central Fire Station, Mahatma Pule Peth, Nr. New Timber Market, Pune 411 042.

Phone No:

E-Mail id: pmcfireoffice@punecorporation.org

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