Digital Enterprise Project

1. Smart City Operations Center

Smart City Operations Center (SCOC) will provide an integrated view of all the smart initiatives undertaken by PMC, PSCDCL and other City organizations, with the focus to serve as a decision support engine for city administrators in day to day operations or during exigency situations. This dynamic response to situations, both pre-active and re-active will truly make the city operations “SMART”. Smart City Operations Center (SCOC) involves leveraging on the information provided by various departments and providing a comprehensive response mechanism for the day-to-day challenges across the city. SCOC shall be a fully integrated, web-based solution that provides seamless incident – response management, collaboration and geo-spatial display. SCOC shall facilitate the viewing and controlling mechanism for the selected field locations in a fully automated environment for optimized monitoring, regulation and enforcement of services. The smart city operations center shall be accessible by operators and concerned authorized entities with necessary authentication credentials.

Illustration: There is a water leakage near Neha’s home that is leading to overflowing of streets. She lodges a complaint using Pune Connect app. The Smart City Operations Centre personnel receives the complaint and uses the integrated platform to check the exact location of the leakage. Further, they also use the platform to know the possible effects of water leakage and stops it from further causing any damage.

2. Enterprise GIS

Pune Municipality is taking up GIS initiatives to improve efficiency, transparency and accountability in their functioning while enhancing the quality of citizen services they offer. Currently, some of the departments that have streamlined their operations using GIS cutting edge technologies are: Property Tax department, Garden department, Solid Waste Department. Considering the trade of & long term benefits PMC IT department has decided to build a strong & robust GIS backbone to support its existing departments & their operations in the future.

Illustration: Neha is delighted to know the current progress of the ongoing projects. She can also see which projects are undergoing in which part of the city because all the projects are geo-linked to one digital platform.

3. E.R.P

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) will be implemented to help PMC modernize its way of working by end-to-end computerization of the Corporation working. It will implement Document Management System which will automate most of the department processes, inventory management system which will generate accurate reports of stock in hand to help tracking items and improve utilization of the same.

Illustration:Using ERP, all the departments are linked together. So, the next time Neha calls customer care to pay a bill in any of the department, the customer executive can see all her details flashing on the screen. The front desk is also connected to the back end billing desk, so they are able to instantly fetch her billing details using enterprise messaging service. Thus, there is seamless flow of information across the network.

4. Enterprise Wi-Fi and Network Upgradation

Enterprise Wi-Fi and network connectivity will be implemented at PMC’s Head office and ward offices in order to provide wireless and wired access of internet to PMC employees, guests and visitors. The access will be role based for employees and an authenticated access will be given to visitors and guests Also, the corporation’s network infrastructure will be upgraded and a dedicated Network Operations Centre (NOC) will be set up to monitor the performance of the entire network by deploying resources that ensure smooth running of the network.

Illustration: Neha’s husband Anil wants to renew the license for his business and requires to visit PMC office. He is delighted to know that he gets free access to high-speed wifi internet as soon as he enters PMC office.