Digital engagement and communication Project

1. Citizen Collaboration platform

Citizens’ input is a critical resource for policy-making. Good decision-making requires the knowledge,experiences,views and values of the public.Implementing difficult decisions depends on citizens’ consent and support. Unless citizens understand and are engaged in the decision themselves, trust is easily lost (OECD, 2009).

People around the world consistently indicate that they are not content simply to engage with government through periodic elections. Good citizen engagement can support the effective functioning of democracy, the legitimacy of government,the successful implementation of policy and the achievement of social outcomes.Bad engagement practice can lead to poor decisions,and disengagement by citizens (Brodie et al, 2011).

Pune Municipal Corporation intends to strengthen the citizen engagement through collaboration platform to promote participatory governance for effective decision and policy making at all levels.Pune Municipal Corporation has taken various initiatives at different levels.

Pune Connect an app launched under PMC CARE framework i.e. Citizen Assistance Response and Engagement to provide governance at the fingertips of citizens and its stake holders.Its features include services for Property tax, Water tax, Emergency services, Perception survey,Pune Directory and grievance management.

PMC currently uses web sites, social media channels to communicate or broadcast its policy to its citizens. PMC intends to set up collaboration platform (Government Citizen Collaboration Platform) for its citizens and communities to promote citizen collaboration over various policy matters, to solicit views and feedback over the proposed budget, policy etc. at ward level, zone level and city level.

Illustration: Neha is part of the gardening community under PMC care initiative.One day,she gets a message that there is a special session on bonsai at a nearby nursery. Excited, she decides to attend the session and take along her own collection of bonsai plants.

2. City MI card

MI card will be issued to the citizens enabling them to become member of the MI card community.The cardholders will be provided with following benefits based on residents’ personal interests and inquiries:

  • Live updates about events (art, music, health, lifestyle, sports) happening in the city.
  • Discounts at PMC’s facilities like parking lots and community centers.

Illustration: Neha likes to watch Marathi theatre at the Maharashtra Culture Centre in Pune. However, the parking space is limited near the culture center and outside the parking is expensive. But Neha is a holder of MI card and gets periodic discounts on designated parking space by PMC, which makes her life easier.     

3. Call Centre (1800 1030 222)

Millions of citizens are still don’t have access to smart phones and internet in Pune. In order to address the information asymmetry and digital divide various systems are incorporated to provide free of cost access to information about services, schemes and benefits to all section of society. Also absorption of smart phone and internet is not consistent across the city demography and aged or differently abled population still trust traditional mechanisms like physical visit to offices for availing or accessing information or for payment of taxes due to various trust related issues. Toll free City Call Centre was launched to address the information asymmetry among physically and economically challenged set of population in Pune City.

Setting up a Call Centre is one of the key initiative taken under PMC CARE where Citizen Assistance, Response and Engagement is achieved. PMC has its own Call Centre with a toll free number running from morning 7 AM to 11 PM. Call center acts as a platform where citizens can raise their concerns and grievances, further grievances are assigned to PMC employees and resolved as per the defined SLAs. PMC Call Centre is supported by various IT systems to provide information requested by citizens like grievance management system, eFAQ system, websites and web portal etc. PMC Call center also engage citizens by collecting feedback on behalf of citizens.

Pune City Call Centre intends to expand and upgrade its services in future.

A strategic branding of city is not necessarily about connecting with the consumer emotionally.  It is mainly a collection of factual statement that makes a community special, why it matters and to whom.  Emotional connections will be made later through the use of creativity including graphic design, communications. A well-conceived strategic brand platform should remain viable and relevant for decades, whereas the creativity used to manifest that platform will change with the times.

Illustration: Neha’s mother, Mr. Savitri is more than 70 yrs. old and is not tech-savvy.   She wishes to know the nearest eye hospital to get appointment for her cataract.  Using the toll-free call-center services, she gets the list of all eye hospitals and clinics around her home. In addition, she also gets to know the packages offered by these hospitals and insurance plans offered.