Water Supply Department


Bhama Ashked Project

Bhama Askhed Water Supply Scheme for the Eastern part of Pune City:

The scheme is designed for water supply of 200 MLD. It will cover 58 sq.km area of the eastern part of Pune city along the Nagar road for projected population of 14.50 lac up to 2041.

This project is sanctioned under JNNURM scheme of Govt. of India vide sanction letter no. K14012/2(123)/2006-NURM-III dated 5th July 2013 amounting to Rs. 380.16 Crores. The funding from details are as follows:

Govt. of India   50%  Rs. 190.08 Cr.
Govt. of Maharashtra 20% Rs. 76.03 Cr.
PMC 30% Rs. 114.051 Cr.  
    Total = Rs. 380.16 Cr.

We have received two installments from GOI & GOM as mentioned below. The proposal for release of the 3rd installment has been sent to the Govt. of India.

1 Govt. of India (GOI) Rs. 76.03 Cr
2 Govt. of Maharashtra (GOM) Rs. 30.40 Cr.
    Total = Rs. 106.43 Cr.

Bhama Askhed Water Supply Scheme is divided in 6 Package as below:

Package No Name Estimated Cost
1 Const. of Jackwell & pump house Rs. 54.89 Cr.
2 Providing & laying raw water M.S. pipe line. Rs. 127.44 Cr.
3 Const. Of water Treatment plant at Kuruli. Rs. 58.68 Cr.
4 Providing & laying pure water M.S. pipeline. Rs. 70.77 Cr.
5 Providing & laying feeder main pipe line. Rs. 55.08 Cr.
6 Const. of 7 Nos. of ESR of 2 ML capacity each. Rs.12.69 Cr.

The up to date expenditure is Rs. 172.00 Cr. The work was stopped by local MLA & farmers for their various demands from Oct 2015. These demands were concerned with the Govt. of Maharashtra. After the meeting with Hon. Chief Minister (Govt. of Maharashtra) on 13 / 05 / 2016 and continuous follow up with the State Govt Departments and officials, most of the demands were fulfilled and work was restarted from June 2016. Work on the raw water rising pipeline (8 KM) from Bhama Askhed Dam to BPT at Bhamboli is still stopped by Local MLA.

Our target completion date is 31 July, 2017 and all the contractors are notified of the same. Weekly project review meetings are held with the contractors to ensure proposed timelines are met.