Animal Adoption Scheme

Be a parent of your favourite animal! 
Grab your attention people! Here's an opportunity to do something you've always wanted to do... get more closely involved with your favourite animal species at Rajiv  Gandhi  Zoological Park (RGZP). Be someone special for your special animal at the zoo! It's easy, fun and most importantly, your "adoption fee" goes directly for the animal's benefit. 

Who can be the parent of animals at RGZP?
Individuals, families, schools or classes, organizations, businesses, groups of employees and large corporations... anyone and everyone!

The Ultimate Gift
These adoptions make great gifts too... unique, different, meaningful and fun. On any occasion, adopt the animal of your choice in the name of someone special...Your gift will be much appreciated and loved!

Animals can be adopted for...
- One Day ( Sponsor food of all the zoo animals for a day)
- Up to 6 months
- Up to 5 years