Pune’s endeavor to be a truly smart and sustainable city can be seen in its recent achievements:

  • Pune was recently awarded Platinum certification (ISO 37120) by World Council on City Data under “City Data for India” initiative. The goal of this initiative was to empower the city decision makers so as to improve overall city planning, Infrastructure investment and operational performance management that are based on utilizing the ISO standardized city data. This achievement shows the strong commitment towards data driven governance.
  • PMC also became first city administration in India to integrate e-Sign and Digital Locker using Aadhaar Eco-system.
  • PMC is also first city administration in India to launch its open data policy and open data initiatives like sharing real time API for co-creation / co-innovation.
  • PMC is also first city administration to formulate its cash-less strategy and integrated with UPI and BHIM app post de-monetization
  • PMC is first city administration in India to launch doorstep collection of services and payments.
  • PMC is the first city administration in India to launch City App Store,
  • PMC has set up dedicated unit to manage 8 social media channels as per its social media strategy.
  • PMC has set PMC Citizen Assistance Response and Engagement cell to monitor the citizen engagement and feedback through toll free number, social media channels and its web presence.
  • Launch of PMC grievance management system and PMC Feedback Management Cell, which acts as a coordination point between citizens and PMC to resolve residents’ problems. This service is made available through channels like mobile App, social media, website.
  • Set up of PMC CARE (Citizen Assistance Response and Engagement), CRM Initiative which provides assistance to citizens through all digital channels.
  • Digitization of 80+ Services including Property Tax and Water Tax Payment.