About Us

The Solid Waste Management Department of PMC takes pride in serving the citizens of Pune city. We provide various services and execute them both effectively and efficiently. We manage every kind of garbage generated in and around the city. We thrive every day to make this beautiful city Cleaner & Greener. We recently adopted end-to-end automation & monitoring of waste collection and management along with an innovative Mobile/Web based application to improve ground level mechanism of waste management and re-cycling of collected waste.

We aim to manage solid waste using various technologies like GPS Tracking System to track the garbage vehicles, UHF RFID Readers for vehicle identification, IOT Sensors to identify the status or level of waste bins. We also intend to conduct automated monitoring of transfer stations, processing centres for daily garbage, inward & outward using weigh bridge automation.

A GIS-based micro-listing exercise was initiated for mapping the IHHLs (Individual Household Latrines) prior to the adoption of this mission. Suitable options suggested by the community coupled with local support and involvement of the elected representatives created a concrete foundation for implementing the IHHL component under the Swachh Bharat Mission. NGOs like Shelter Associates played a vital role in the success of the model adopted by PMC.

As per 2001 census, PMC had a target of 16,117 IHHLs. Subsequently, a survey was conducted last year which showed that the number of individual household toilets had gone up to 19,845 and as on date we are proud to announce that the figure has touched 32,500 IHHLs. Pune is a leader amongst the cities across India in terms of the number of individual toilets constructed. PMC aims to be an Open Defecation Free City by 2017 and is confident that this objective will be achieved.

We protect the public health and safety of the city by providing quality waste management services and environmental programs that are safe, efficient, cost effective and best to none. We continuously strive to achieve the desired efficiency levels and enhance programs to develop innovative waste management practices and at the same time ensure that we are also environmentally responsible consistently.

Our services includes -

  • Automated waste collection and monitoring
  • Solid & Wet waste recycling
  • Dead animals pick up
  • Management of inland landfills
  • Residential and commercial waste collection
  • Improving the system of transportation of waste by ensuring "handling waste only
  • Modernizing the system of community waste storage & synchronizing the system of primary collection as well as transportation of waste
  • Improving system of primary collection of waste