Urban Community Development division came into existence in 1984 with the help & guidance of UNICEF. Then newly formed office worked especially for pregnant women, child below 6 year old. This division even started running nurseries & provide nutritious food to kids. Then in 1987 this Urban Community division merged In Pune Municipal Corporation & it was formed as new department.

Urban Community Development Department started working for urban poor & needy citizens & department implemented central & state government SUP scheme. From 1991 to 1997 department worked on Nehru Employment scheme. Through this scheme vocational training, loan from National banks & subsidies were offered to beneficiaries. Under national literacy mission department implemented literacy mission in Pune city from 1997 to 2000. From year 2000 department successfully implementing Central government as well as State government & Pune Municipal Corporation's various welfare programmer. Same time we have operationalized various project with collaboration with NGOs.

The 74th Amendment to the Constitution has caused important changes in the duties of the Municipal Corporation, and hence implementation of social, economic   and poverty alleviation programs have become an integral part of the duties of the Municipal Corporation.

The Social Development Department at PMC is successfully implementing schemes like Backward Class Welfare Scheme, Women & Child Welfare Scheme, Youth      Welfare Scheme, Disabled Welfare Scheme, Central Government sponsored Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana-National Urban Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NULM), Dr Baba   Amate Scheme for provision of educational financial assistance to the disabled, schemes providing monthly primary health care financial assistance for senior  citizens and widows under Mata Jijau Swavalambi Jivan Yojana (women), Sharad Swavalambi Jivan Yojana (men) and Mata Ramai Bhimrao Ambedkar Yojana (widows).

As envisaged by 73rd and 74th Constitutional Amendments, a very strong “Beneficiary-centric” approach has been adopted by the Social Development Department of Pune Municipal Corporation. These welfare schemes are being implemented in accordance with the Central Government Welfare Policy.

The prominent features of these schemes are noted here below:

  • Promotion of self employment.
  • Promoting Self Independence and Self Determination for active decision making by building a sense of ‘Agency’ in the individual.
  • Implementation of all these schemes is in accordance with Central Government’s Policy of Poverty alleviation
  • All sections of the society are benefited by the integration and streamlining of Central and State Government schemes with Municipal Corporation’s schemes and initiatives
  • Execution of schemes to provide benefits to the entire city under the jurisdiction of the Pune Municipal Corporation
  • Priority and predilection is given to the beneficiaries from poor and weaker sections of the communities
  • Various centres for vocational training and livelihood generation like ‘The Lighthouse’, ‘City Livelihood Centre’ and ‘Service Centers’, self-help group product marketing centres such as ‘SMILE’, are being operated to ensure successful implementation of the main schemes
  • Schemes are operated for strengthening of the poor section of the society instead of merely distribution of the financial assistance
  • It is our aim to reach out to all possible beneficiaries in real need. We have chosen to progress towards this goal by creating networks of beneficiary peer groups to encourage enthusiasm and support from within the system and ensure promotion of collective growth

Disclaimer: The name of Urban Community Development Department is now changed to Social Development Department.