The functioning of Cultural Centers Department is very different from any other department of the Pune Municipal Corporation. Pune city is not only known as the ‘Oxford of India’ but also known as the ‘Cultural Capital of Maharashtra’ due to its cultural richness and elan. Punekars are known to create new standards of culture, and we realize that this process needs safe spaces to express creativity.

Hence, Pune Municipal Corporation has made provision of a total of 13 cultural centres:

The work responsibilities of Cultural Centres department primarily include managing the 4-month slot reservations, organizing the cultural festivals promoted by the Pune Municipal Corporation, imparting information under the Right to Information Act 2005, resolving any problems that the managers, producers and artists may face by being available to them all through the day till 12 at night, following-up with pending issues and performing many such important activities.

The work of the Cultural Centres Department spans across three sessions of the day (8.00 am today to 8.00 am tomorrow). The work responsibility of the Cultural Center Department is to provide services to the citizens for various cultural, social, political, religious and educational programs; therefore, the cultural centres are included under the Essential Services of the government.

The repairs and maintenance of the cultural centres are handled by the Bhavan Rachana / Building and Construction and Electricity Department of the Pune Municipal Corporation.

The functions of the Cultural Centers Department are under the control of the Hon. Municipal Commissioner, Hon. Additional Municipal Commissioner (Estates) and Hon. Deputy Commissioner (Property / Land Acquisition and Management).