पी एम सी केअर

पी एम सी केअर

केअर ई.एफ.ए.क्यू मोबाइल अॉप हे सर्व नागरिकांना (बाह्य भागधारक) आणि पुणे महानगरपालिका कर्मचारी यांना एक कार्यक्षम चैनल (अंतर्गत प्रदान करण्यची एक सुरूवात आहे)


  • View the FAQs (published by all PMC departments) and their responses given by PMC
  • Selection of any department and see the related FAQs to the entity
  • To view the answers to frequently asked questions in English and Marathi language
  • To draft (draft should be saved for submission later) and submit a new question through mobile application for PMC to answer and clarify
  • To provide feedback to any specific FAQ response (Feedback in the form of like/ dislike and qualitative feedback)
  • To share the information (FAQ and its Response) on social media channels (share functionality) by clicking on the share icon (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter)

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