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Our vison is to be environmentally sensitive provider of a quality, reliable, and reasonably priced drinking water and waste water collection and treatment system services. We aim at providing efficient sewerage services in an equitable and sustainable manner and to become an accountable service provider. Realization of this vision would promote a virtous circle in terms of greater supply reliability and service quality, leading to greater customer satisfaction, improved willingness to pay and enhanced cost recovery.

Treat the sewage water coming to the plant as per norms specified by MPCB and send back to River.

  Suprintending Engineer (Elec.) Sewage Treatment Plant

  Sewage Water Treatment in desired limits

  Operating all the Sewage Treatment Plants up to its 100% Capacity on available Sewage


 Treating sewage to its desired parameter and send it back to river

 Making available the STP and Pumping Station for visit at different Educational level

 At Mundhava Jack well, water recirculation plant 6.5 TMC Capacity is erected and water is pump into the cannel for agriculture purpose

 Bio product of sewage treatment is being used as a fertilizer for Agriculture purpose