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The central store department was established in the year 1950. Operations of Central Store Department are controlled by Head of Central Store Department. The department provides stationery material, uniforms, electrical appliances, hardware items and other type of goods/items to other departments of Pune Municipal Corporation as per their demand. Goods are purchased through tendering process. Tenders are invited under section 73 of Maharashtra Municipal Act, in order to purchase the good quality material at a fair price.

Central Store Department of Pune Municipal Corporation provides about 293 types of goods/materials to various Departments and Ward Offices of Pune Municipal Corporation as per their demand. Department requests tenders for the procurement of these materials. Tendering process creates the competition among various bidders and it enables Pune Municipal Corporation to purchase good quality material at a fair yet lower price.

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HOD Name: Shri. Tushar Daundkar

Designation: Deputy Commissioner

E-Mail id: tushar.daundkar@punecorporation.org

Mobile No: +91 9594058080

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