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Overview & Functioning


To create environment awareness, promote responsible citizenship and inculcate environment friendly attitudes among citizens.


  • To conduct non - formal education programs / workshops / seminars for students, teachers, professionals, senior citizens etc., on environment concerns with a focus on 'Role of Individual', 'Solutions' and 'Management Aspects'
  • To develop linkages with various schools, colleges, research institutes, NGO(s) and other related organizations working for environment and conduct programs in collaboration for our own environment
  • To develop innovative community based action oriented projects for school students to inculcate environmental values, need for conservation, ownership for nature heritage and which ensures sustainability
  • Facilitating public participation to implement sustainable development strategies, creating a healthy environment for the city


Indradhanushya is a public facility of the Pune Municipal Corporation to create environment awareness and promote responsible citizenship, thinking and action towards sustainable development in Pune.

Interpretation Center - The interior of Indradhanushya has been conceptualized on environmental theme.

Infrastructure - The building of Indradhanushya has been designed in an environment friendly way. It is surrounded by rich greenery and while it’s construction not a single branch has been cut for the purpose.

Activities - Indradhanushya not only conducts its own programs but also provide a platform to organize the programs/workshops/seminars, documentaries/movie shows on environment, presentations on environmental issues, celebration of significant environment days by conducting competitions (quiz, drawing, debate, speech etc.) for students etc. arranged by other NGOs/organizations based on themes of environment.





HOD's Note

This earth is not a legacy given to us by our forefathers so that we may enjoy it as we like. In fact, we hold it in trust for future generations and we owe a duty to posterity to leave it in as good a condition as it was when we entered upon it. We must not therefore make any irreversible changes in it; and we must not spend/exploit the natural resources at a speed at which their availability to the future generations will be jeopardized.

Key contact


HOD Name: Shri. Mangesh Dighe

Designation: Environement officer

E-Mail id: indradhanushya@punecorporation.org

Mobile No: +91 9689931771

IT Nodal Officer

IT Nodal Officer Name: Smt. Ashwini Yadav

Designation: Zoo Educational officer

E-Mail id: indradhanushya@punecorporation.org

Mobile No: +91 9689931832

Department Information

Department Address: Indradhanushya Environment Education and Citizenship Centre, Pune Municipal Corporation Opposite Sachin Tendulkar Jogging Track, Near Mhatre Bridge, Rajendra Nagar, Pune - 411030.

Phone No: +91 9689931771

E-Mail id: indradhanushya@punecorporation.org

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